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"We provide safety consultancy services, electrical services, Hazardous Area & High Voltage Auditing to varied industries throughout Australasia"

High Voltage and Hazardous Area Auditing and Inspection

Owners of high voltage and hazardous area installations have a responsibility to ensure safe operation of their electrical infrastructure. Regular inspections will prolong the lifetime of the equipment while correct operating procedures and documentation will ensure a safe working environment for operators and people working in the vicinity.

In Queensland, High Voltage/Hazardous Area Audit are required by State Legislation to ensure that your installation is safe prior to energising new or upgraded installations.

Our aim is to conduct the hazardous area (EEHA)/high voltage (HV) audit/inspection as efficiently as possible, and have your installation completed and energised in a timely manner.

BNH Safety specialise in Hazardous Area and High Voltage Auditing, our staff are accredited electrical installation auditors (HV & EEHA) with the Qld Electrical Safety Office. 

Safety Services

BNH Safety provides safety consultancy services including:
  • Safety Audits and Inspections
  • Hazard and Risk Management
  • Electrical Safety Inspections and Audits
  • Procedure Manuals
  • Noise and Light Monitoring
  • JSEA/WMS Development and Review
  • Safety Plan/Systems Development and Implementation
  • Accident and Incident Investigations (using ICAM)
  • Competency Development and Assessment
  • Relief Safety Advisor/Manager Available
Services Assist With:
>> Client Safety Pre-Qualification
>> Code Compliance
>> Quality Assurance compliance to ISO 9001
>> Health & Safety compliance to AS 4801

Fire Safety Advisors

BNH have qualified Fire Safety Advisors to assists with your statutory requirements in accordance with Building Fire Safety Regulations 2008 Subsection Clause 34:

The occupier of a high occupancy building must appoint a person who holds a current building fire safety qualification as the fire safety adviser for the building.
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Training & Assessing

BNH have qualified Trainers and Assessors and provide on-site training :

>> Plant Verification of Competency (VOC)
>> CPR/First Aid
>> LV Switchboard Rescue
>> Working at Heights
>> Confined Space
>> Electrical Safety
>> Safety Meetings

Electrical Services

BNH providing installation, repairs and maintenance of all types of electrical installations, Air Conditioning, Data and Security Systems.

Our professional installation and maintenance planning team develop and manage maintenance plans specific to each client and asset. Our experience enables us to build a plan that meets your specific requirements. Through its whole of life approach to asset maintenance BNH provides advice on asset functionality and performance improvements.

Preventive maintenance plans reduce the frequency of breakdown events, resulting in fewer disruptions, increased asset lifespan, financial savings and increased productivity.

As part of everyday service delivery, BNH ensures compliance with all statutory and legislative requirements as well as the management of all licenses, permits, consents, approvals, determinations and permissions. BNH complies with relevant regulatory and client requirements.

Our work is underpinned by extensive networks of industry experts and resources. Our breadth of experience enables us to delivering efficiency and value to our customers with certainty of delivery and economies of scale. We provide a flexible labour force and local experience.

Electrical Services Offered

Installations & Repairs
  • Electrical Installations and Repair

  • Plant and Machine Maintenance
  • Appliance Test and Tag & RCDs (safety switches)
    All of the requirements for compliance with the WH&S regulations can be arranged, and an automatic reminder will be given when retesting is due.
    Air-conditioning installation, repair and service
    Manufactures and Air conditioning servicing and maintenance experts suggest that clients maintain their AC units on a regular basis to extend their life span. Regular care and maintenance help to avoid expensive repairs and ensure cooling comfort in the hot, humid days. Condensing coils inside AC units gather dirt and grime over a period of time and compromises the cooling performance of the air conditioning unit and regular inspection of AC condensing coils and compressors once every 3 months for dust, grime and dirt build up are suggested.
    Data installation, repair and service
  • Data and communications is an important facet of all business. The team can supply and install all forms of data & telephone network cabling
  • Data installations from 1 outlet to several hundred can be accommodated by BNH. Full system design in either Category 5 or Category 6 can be delivered to all forms of business environment.
  • Optical fibre installations can be installed by BNH, where the requirement for data transfer is required over long distance or high speed.
  • A full design and installation service can be provided for the data network requirements.
  • Security systems installation, repair and service
    We supply, install, and maintain Security Alarms, CCTV Systems, Video Intercom Systems and Access Control Systems.
    Emergency Lighting
    Legislation requires that emergency routes and exits requiring illumination must be provided with emergency lighting of adequate intensity in case the main lighting fails. The system must also be maintained in an efficient state and in good repair.

    Our team of fire safety professionals are capable of installing a range of emergency lighting systems of varying intensity, depending on perceived requirements. Prior to beginning the installation process we will conduct an assessment of the property in order to identify potential risk areas and will provide a comprehensive emergency lighting system design in accordance with AS 2293.

    We are also capable of maintaining your building's emergency lighting system, ensuring it is kept in full working order. If a fire breaks out in your premises, a fully functioning emergency lighting system can facilitate a quick and safe exit, and could save lives.

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